​​​​​​Sinclair Pastors (1943 - Present)

1943 - 1944 Rev. John R. Lewis

1944 (Dec) - 1945 (April) Rev. H. Hunt

​1945 (Aug) - 1945 (Dec) Rev. S. Graham

​1945 (Dec) - 1946  (Oct) Rev. Stearn

​1947 (Jan) - 1949 (Oct) Rev. C. E. Williams

​1950 -1956 Rev. Earnest S. Brazill

1957 - 1958 Rev. A. B. Fuller

​1959 - 1961 Re. Calvin E. Kellar

1961 (Jun) - 1995 Rev. Chester A. Taylor

1995 (Jun) - 2001 (Dec) Rev. Earl Echols 

​2002 (Apr) - 2002 (Nov) Rev. Melvin J. Hendricks (Interim Pastor)

​2003 (Feb) - 2004 (Sep) Re. Julius S. Johnson

​2005 (Mar) - Present Rev. Dr. Frankie L. Coleman, Sr.

Sinclair Community Church organized in 1943 with fifteen members under the leadership of Rev. John R. Lewis of Houston, Texas. The church grew under his leadership and continued to grow until he was compelled to resign due to poor health in October 1944.


In December 1944 the church was destroyed by a fire. The church was rebuilt and in 1947 under the leadership of Rev. C.E. Williams, the church moved from Sinclair Heights to its present location

Rev. E.S. Brazill was called to pastor in 1950 and served in this capacity until 1956. The program of the church continued to expand as it had done under the former pastors. He was a great Counselor, Teacher and Preacher.

Rev. A. B. Fuller accepted the call to the pastorate in 1957 and served until 1958. Rev Fuller was a dedicated leader and the church continued to progress under his leadership.

Rev. C. E. Kellar was called to the pastorate in 1959, a graduate of  Wilberforce University and Paine Theological Seminary. Rev. Kellar was a well-trained leader with many years of experience and well equipped for the task which was ahead.

Rev. C. A. Taylor accepted the call to the pastorate in June 1961 and remained until 1995 when his health failed. During his tenure the church burned in January 1963, however, the church continued to expand. A new edifice was erected under Rev. Taylor’s leadership. The members are to be commended for this venture of faith in God.

Rev. Earl Echols accepted the call to the pastorate in July 1995 and under his leadership, the church continued to grow spiritually and financially and several programs were implemented. Rev. Echols submitted his resignation in December 2001.

Rev. Melvin J. Hendricks accepted the call as Interim Pastor and served from April 2002 to November 2002. Rev. Hendricks brought much experience and talent as a Preacher, Leader and Teacher and Sinclair was greatly enhanced under his guidance.

Rev. Julius S. Johnson was called to the pastorate and served from February 2003 to September 2004.

Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, the church extended the call to Rev. Frankie L. Coleman, Sr. in March 2005.

The Lord has continued to bless Sinclair spiritually and financially under Rev. Coleman’s leadership.


  • 1944 (Dec) - Sinclair MBC was destroyed by fire.
  • 1947 Under the leadership of Rev. C. E. Williams, the church moved from Sinclair Heights to its present site.
  • 1963 (Jan) – Sinclair MBC was destroyed by fire for a second time and under Rev. Chester A. Taylor’s leadership, a new edifice was erected.
  • 2004 (Dec) - Mother’s Board held their First Annual Day.
  • 2006 - New Members class established.
  • 2007 (Sep) - Mother’s Board Annual Day changed from Dec to 3rd Sunday in September.
  • 2008 (Jun) - Sinclair Saints Soup & Salad Kitchen established...with the growing need of families and single individuals within the community, proving a feeding ministry was placed on Sinclair‘s heart. Sis Phyllis Eagans-Molina and Mother Wyline DeLoach, together with desire, devotion and support of Sinclair MBC started on a journey. Each Tuesday, a dedicated group of Sinclair’s members come together to cook and serve the community.
  • 2009 (Apr) - Mother Estella Finister awarded the Ebenezer Baptist District Association “Woman of the Year.”
  • 2009 (Aug) - Under the leadership of Pastor Coleman, the Mission Department spearheaded the “Community Give-a-Way,” collecting donations from SMBC members, community, businesses and other churches. The First Annual Community Give-A-Way supplied various items to include school supplies, furniture, clothing and food to over 200 families.
  • 2011 (Jan) - Pastor Coleman vision for a “Mission to Haiti Fund under the guidance of Sis. Margaret “Lynn” Anderson (Mission Chairperson) was established. Pastor Coleman’s passion for Haiti developed in 1992 with his close relationship with Pastor Serge Coulanges and a visit to Haiti in 1995 ignited that vision. After a devastating earthquake on January 12, 2010, the need escalated and thus the vision for an ongoing fundraising effort. Members were asked to pledge on a monthly basis. Each month funds are forwarded to Pastor Serge Coulanges.
  • 2011 (Jun) - Sinclair MBC became a partner in feeding the area homeless teens at the Coffee Oasis located on Burwell Street. Volunteers gather on the fourth Monday of each month providing food as well as fellowship.
  • 2011 Pastor Coleman established Accountability Groups (name later changed to Fellowship Groups) assigning leadership to a team of two. The groups meet the 4th Sunday of each month. The leaders of the groups are responsible for setting times to meet, topic of discussion, keeping in touch with group members and prayer requests. Primary functions of the groups are to get to know church family members outside of the church setting and continue to study the word.
  • 2012 (Feb) Pastor Serge Coulanges invited Sinclair to come to Haiti and celebrate with them in December 2012. Plans to attend and the incorporation of a Mission Trip began.
  • 2012 (Jul) SMBC partnered with Community 2-1-1 providing services for the community.
  • 2012 (Dec) Pastor Coleman, along with Lynn Anderson, Phyllis Eagans Molina, Sybil Franklin, Kendra McInnis, Dina Molina, Lisa Thompson and Elizabeth Warren embarked on a trip to Haiti.
  • 2013 The Trustee Board was task to begin plans for expansion of the current facility.
  • 2014-2015 SMBC sponsored a team of medical professionals on a medical mission to Haiti.
  • 2015 SMBC converts from Membership Plus to Realm Church database software. Realm puts ministry responsibilities all under one roof place to perform administration, accounting and community tasks. All members can sign in and stay informed, connected and focused on our ministry.
  • 2015 SMBC returns on a medical mission to Haiti.
  • 2016 SMBC Electronic giving implemented as an additional way for members to contribute to the work of the Church.
  • 2017-18 SMBC to remodel the church building.

Our Pastor

Dr. Frankie L Coleman, Sr., Pastor​

Our First Lady

Mrs. Eileen Coleman

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